Brain Teasers, Logic Puzzles

Exercise Workouts for Your Mind

You will love these wonderful, printable Brain Teasers Logical Puzzles that will challenge your mind and patience. Solutions are included because you will need them! Instructions for each type of puzzle also included.

You get the following printable Brain Teasers Logical Puzzles listed here:
– 10 printable, Nonogram worksheets
– 10 printable Word Tetris worksheets
– 10 Symbol Math printable worksheets
– 20 Triple Guess Problems
– 2 Magic Squares printable worksheets
– 50 Sequence Problems
– 2 Bonus Logic Puzzles with a page with clues

Total = 104 Adult Brain Teasers

Challenging yourself with these Brain Teasers Logic Puzzles is a great way to give your mind a stimulating workout to sharpen your cognitive skills, forget life’s anxieties as you focus on these mind-boggling puzzles to relieve stress, and enjoy some healthy fun.

You will get two PDF files measuring 8.5″ x 11″ that you can print out at home. One PDF file has all the Brain Teasers Logic Puzzles with instructions, and the other PDF file contains all of the solutions. You can print out as copies for non-commercial classroom or personal use.